Plan For Retirement Now And Not Wait Till Your Retirement Age

Many people put off retirement planning until nearing their retirement age. The thought of getting out of the workforce, having no income and the inevitable leaving of this world, is scary.

According to, the people in United States have an average life expectancy of 78.0902 years.

It would be more comfortable to live today like yesterday, the future just like today. However, the world as we know is full of uncertainties. Even if you are a prudent saver, your spending power gets eroded every year, thanks to inflation. Banks also can collapse without giving any notice.

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Retirement Age And Your Life Expectancy

Have you ever taken a life expectancy calculator? How many good years or days does the calculator expect you have left?

Based on average life expectancy of 78.0902 years,

        Age Now        Years Left
        20        58
        30        48
        40        38
        50        28
        60        18

Certainly an online calculation software will not really be able to tell your future, but it does provide a shocking wake up call at times. 

For those who truly want to be able to enjoy and relax at the end of their life, knowing that they may only have ten or twenty years left means they really need to consider retirement options in an aggressive manner. For others, it may be good to start thinking about early retirement planning perhaps.

Early Retirement Planning

It is never too early to consider retirement planning, and the earlier one starts, the more likely a solid retirement fund will be built.  Statistics show that those who start saving small amounts for retirement in their twenties and who consistently do so throughout their lives have the ability to retire as millionaires in their sixties or earlier!

How Much Do I Need To Save For Retirement

Even those who do not start that early on saving are not lost.  It is also never too late to start planning a retirement.  Although choices and options will lessen as time goes by, any retirement savings or plan is better than nothing at all!

What to Do in Retirement

Many times, healthy retirees find they cannot completely let go of the fast-paced years.  There are great opportunities to work part-time jobs, volunteer, and impact the community.  Just because someone retires does not mean they are relegated to a rocking chair forever.

When planning to retire, it is a good idea to look at other factors in addition to finances.  For example, good health should be a number one concern throughout all ages.  By eating right, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle throughout your working years, you may find that when you use the life expectancy calculator, you have many more years to go!  And they will be healthy years.

There is nothing more frustrating than working hard while looking forward to enjoying retirement, only to find you spend all your time in illness.  Active retirees who are healthy travel the world, enjoy a multitude of hobbies, and are often seen participating in activities throughout their town.  If this is the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement, then you should start taking good care of your health now.

Don’t Wait Until Your Retirement Age To Consider Retirement Planning

Regardless of what any life expectancy calculator says, retirement is an important stage of life.  People plan for college for years, but retirement may last much longer than four years.  The more thought you put into early retirement planning, the better your quality of life during those years will be.

Financial, health, and social factors, as well as where you will live and what you will do, are all important matters to decide.  Those who know these things in advance and started on their early retirement planning before retirement age are much happier.

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